It’s hard being apart. It’s hard getting scraps of your time while drunky the fuck clown gets so much more. Its hard loving someone knowing they are sleeping in a bed with someone else every night. Wedding dates, movie dates, let’s make OUR house beautiful TOGETHER! DIE MOTHERFUCKER!!! lol. It angers me that he HAD his fucking chance and he blew it a long time ago. Still blowing it. You should have been gone LONG ago. It angers me to see you continue to try to make him happy when he doesn’t deserve it, doesn’t appreciate it AND it makes YOU so UNHAPPY. You say I have a bad opinion of him, but everything that bothers me about him I learned from you so why in the hell don’t you have a bad opinion of him? I understand there is a good side to him…there is to everyone, but that doesn’t excuse inexcusable behavior. I’m sure Jeffrey Dalmer went to church and helped old ladies across the road in his life but he was still a murdering cannibal. Ok, an extreme example, but I’m sure you take my point.

I really don’t mind him being a prick. It’s like he is working for me…moving you closer to me. What I don’t like is you making excuses for him and being so damn forgiving. That moves you further away from me. What’s worse is it is hurting you in ways it will take you years to recover from. When you finally realize the true nature of your relationship, it going to make your blood run cold. He’s not your lover. He’s not your friend. He is your worst enemy and believe me, he despises you and looks down on you for your kindness and your charitable attitude towards him. Thinks you more of a fool every time you fall for his shit or believe his lies.

I’m willing to bet every dollar I make for the rest of my life he has cheated on you. If not before or since, then definitely while you were separated. ‘This time apart will help us work things out’ loosely translates to ‘This time apart will allow me a lovely little tryst with my side piece before I manipulate you into forgiving me and coming back’. All the while you were at your sister’s trying to piece yourself back together from the damage that ass fuck did to you.
Exactly the kind of thing a man who will sit on his ass while his wife struggles with cases of beer OR won’t clean the house even when her fucking foot is broken would do. EXACTLY. Is there ANY part of your brain that doesn’t agree with that COMPLETELY? Again, you are far from that stupid.

What really pissed me off yesterday was to hear you internalizing his manipulative bullshit.
If I understand things correctly, you guys disagreed on the direction you should go in the kitchen. He took advantage of you being gone during the day and unilaterally decided to do it his way without reaching a consensus with you, in opposition to your wishes, and at a significant increase in the cost of the project. That is the act of a spoiled selfish child who gives zero fucks about you.
What’s worse is he had his wittle feelings hurt cause you didn’t support his decision. What the ACTUAL FUCK!?! Spoiled little man child. SO, you’re supposed to just shut your mouth, do whatever he wants, pick up the tab AND feel like your in the wrong for voicing your opposition to such fucked-up treatment? ‘Being a bitch’ is how you put it. That is one of the most fucked up things I have ever heard.

That is NOT being a bitch. You could have reacted exactly like this and been WELL within your rights:

“You know, this is not your house, it’s ours. The money used to pay for it was ours, not yours. Since we both own the damn thing, and we both have to live here we need to communicate and come to a consensus on what we are doing. I would never make a decision concerning our home without consulting you and I expect the same respect in return. These decisions affect not only the environment I have to live in but my finances as well. For you to not consult me is unfair and disrespectful and I will not tolerate it. You may have noticed I have one foot out the door already and not for no reason. If you try to bulldoze me and manipulate me so you can have your way like a spoiled child one more time and I will divorce your drunken ass so fast it’ll make your head spin. Do we have an understanding?”

No matter what he does…your wrong…or it’s your fault…and you actually BELIEVE this nonsense. Again, this is doing so much damage to you. Damage it will take you years to heal. This situation is far more dangerous than you know. You say you don’t want me to feel like you are selfish or spoiled for wanting to be with me. I can assure you nothing is further from the truth. Don’t you ever come at me telling me you feel bad for wanting to be happy.  It’s absolute bull shit.  Another product of years of abuse. It’s sickening.

Or Hell, how about when he took your daughter out of school? He knew you were opposed to the idea. Did he reach a consensus with you about it? Did you come to an agreement? Did you know he was going to do it? No. When you told me you seemed surprised to find out yourself. That alone is a capitol offense worthy of divorce. And it goes on and on and on.

You are staying to spare your daughter unnecessary pain and to give yourself time to formulate a plan of escape. No other reason. I don’t want to hear about your vows. How many times does a man have to violate his vows before you feel like you are released from honoring yours? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? I’m afraid he has already met all of those qualifications and you are far from stupid enough to remain in such a situation. It’s absolutely infuriating. This is a lesson you HAVE to learn absolutely before we can be together. I can’t have my wife be so vulnerable to every two-bit hustler with a bullshit scheme that comes along.

So yeah, I guess that’s what’s wrong with me. Please, watch the video. Then watch more. Educate yourself. Heal yourself. Free yourself.