This is the kit I will lobby to use on most gigs. It is essentially a 7 piece in a compact format. The new DTX PRO brain uses samples instead of synthesis and sounds great. I hung a few extra V-drum pads on it that can be anything you’d like but usually its 8-10-12-14 and 16-inch floor tom. An additional perc pad can be a cowbell, hand clap, or whatever it needs to be. A stereo line to the board and we are golden.

This kit is a Mapex Pro M Birch ‘fusion’ sizes with ‘add on tom’ (Oooh! Ahhh!)  So 8-10-12 and a 14-inch floor that’s really a deep rack tom, 14″ snare, and a 22″ kick. Plenty of crashy bits by Zildjian and Sabian. Sounds nice if your sound guy (LOL, I know right) wants to mic it up. Funky purple lacquer looks super cool in sunlight. I really don’t want to lug it, but you might talk me into it. Pics are old, so’s the kit… 2005-ish?

This kit is just the toms from the Mapex Pro above with a 10″ maple snare and a 16 Saturn floor tom I got off Ebay and converted with some wood hoops complete with purple heart inlays. My version of the ‘jungle’ kits everybody makes now but nobody did in 2010 when I wanted one. Can be set up 2UP or 1UP. Nice when lower volumes are required. I don’t have that groovy rack anymore but, meh…still pretty cool.