Drummer for hire.

Drums have been a part of my life since way back in high school and are, I believe, the instrument with which I am most proficient. Drumming took a back seat to the solo gig for many years, but in 2022 the bug bit me pretty hard. I have been doing fill-in gigs for many local acts including ‘The Bootleggers’, ‘Shiftin Gears’, ‘Highway 44’, ‘Bad Kitty’, ‘Whisky Chaser’, ‘The Nightshakers’, ‘Shawline’, ‘Latitudes’, ‘Phoenix’, and an impromptu set with ‘Strutt’ at a Bad Kitty gig.

After quite a bit of puttering about, I settled on an all-electric oddball: A Trapkat xl 6.0 firing Superior Drummer 3 on a laptop with a small 2.1 monitor set up. It is the equivalent of a huge kit, fits in the back of a small jeep, and the tech is rock solid (no reboots yet :)). It plays nice and the pristine samples of real drums sound fantastic live.

Call or text to 352 508 7274 for more info.